Here you can find some recommendations of educational materials or simply inspiring readings that can help you to polish your leaderships skills:

Readings in English

If you a bookworm, check out the best leadership books that Forbes selected for you. More globally, you could also be interested in the 6 books to make you a better global citizen Leadership skills is also can also be acquired thanks to online courses. For example, if you follow this introductory 4-week course, you will learn why management matters, and how successful leaders build high performing teams. But don’t worry, if you just have a few minutes in front of you, you can still improve yourself by reading this short article on Forbes on how to establish yourself as a leader.

Readings in Spanish For Costa Rican entrepreneurs

The Costa Rican Ministry of Ecomony, Industry and Commerce provides valuable resources for entrepreneurs, such as Manual para las personas emprendedoras en Costa Rica or the Guia para la cultura emprenderora en Costa Rica. Vol 2

Readings in Portuguese

If you are Portuguese speakers, you could be interested in reading the success stories of 12 Brazilian entrepreneurs in the book Fora da curva 3 or advice from Thiago Nigro on how to develop a business in Do mil ao milhão: sem cortar o cafezinho


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