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Tiffany Xavier – 20 Years, born in Mascote-BA-Brazil

She left her mother’s home at 16 years old to live by herself in a different city. Worked at some places before turning 20y.o and joined a friend’s project. She started working on a Travel Agency, and now she’s trying to achieve her dreams. To her the most important thing on being a leader entrepreneur means to become independent and work for herself.

Marissa Morais – 19 Years, born in Itabuna-BA-Brazil

Since she was a child, she has always worked for her own money, sometimes cleaning the house for some changes or selling candies and stickers at the neighborhood. After turning 18 she realized she didn’t wanted to work for another people, then she did a nail extension course, unfortunately it didn’t turned out how she was expecting so she decided to start her own business, a Travel Agency, since she studied Tourism. Now she’s working her way to be succeeded.

Pedro Messeder, 19y.o born in Ilhéus (BA), Brazil

In December 2019, I travelled at an exchange program to Costa Rica through the Cuspydal project, which together with 4 other Brazilians we faced a challenge of a new experience, very promising and with great learning though. I left my home country looking for a brand new living and it was there that, I accompanied by other exchange colleagues, I learned about how to be a good leader for my society, the ideal communication in my native language and in English, besides having learned to be a person more open to new cultures and people, I remember group activities where I saw in practice that “where there is a goal to be achieved there is a leader” and a good leader should watch, support and understand skills and difficulties from it team. then I realized that moments like this are the ones that gave me the opportunity to apply this knowledge to professional development as a pilot, such as dealing with crises moments and also the management of resources existing in the cabin during flights. Thinking about my past, I’m proud of what I lived and learned so today I’m able to look up to my future and I see that in addition to being an airplane pilot, I also want to be an excellent leader.


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