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Yave Gómez

My name is Yave Gómez and I am a young leader for many people in my family and community.

I am a shy guy with few friends, who decided to drop out of school and receive lessons at night high school and graduate later. During this time, I started listening to people on the radio and seeing for myself how to develop conversation ability’s with other people, since I was easily embarrassed. I wanted to learn to speak in public and be a good speaker. At the same time, I started creating youth groups to talk about how to be a better person, let go of vices, be more creative, help other people and be closer to God.

Finally, I formed more than 10 groups throughout the community, helping more than 100 young people. Eager to exploit my leadership, I learnt more about how to handle money and how to create my own business ideas. Finally, when I was 21 years old, I saw how profitable it was to have a pizzeria, created one and it was an excellent business for a long time, those were my first experiences to create other businesses.

I am now a leader in different areas of life and inspire many young people with my passion to help.

My favorite motivational quotes:

If you want different results, don’t do the same. “Albert Einstein”
I can do all things through God who supports me. Philippians 4:13

Jessica Blass

What was really life-changing for me were several situations all together, the divorce of my parents was the worst of them. I was 8 years old and I got depressed for years, even with suicidal attempts, my mother took me to therapy. After years when I had stronger episodes, I was getting really depressed and with medical assistance like pills. Then, when I grew up, I started to do a lot of investigation regarding topics such as depression and anxiety.  Finally, I got diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder, a mental illness so I also started to make investigation about food and mental illness and ways to work with it. This was when I started yoga and changed my food habits, I also went to the Vipassana course, Vipassana is a meditation technique.  Together with yoga, food and meditation I now handle my mental illness. Moreover, I took the yoga training course so I’m now a yoga instructor so I can also help people with the same illness I battled with.

Would you do it in the same way or would you do something differently nowadays?  
I would do it exactly the same since all the history behind took me to the personal growth that I have at this moment.

What is the next challenge that you plan?
Keep on going, help as many people as possible.

What is your favorite motivational quote?
Everything changes and passes, flows, anicca.

Nelson Fallas

Greetings, my name is Nelson Fallas from Costa Rica.

I was born in a small town in the south of the country and since I was a child, I always believed I dreamed that the world was far beyond the beautiful mountains that surrounded the place where I lived. For that reason, I decided from a young age to venture to San Jose an urban area, and take actions to follow my dreams.

Little by little, I realized the big value of thinking about the preparation in the continuous in practical knowledge and how I could give the value to people in order to receive the retribution to continue growing. That sincere gratitude brought many friendships, which made the environment bigger and bigger and became the basis of my growth as a person.

My desire to grow and know people and cultures took me to the United States of America, a country full of people from many places and that ended up giving me to understand that people have dreams and fight to achieve them usually paying prices so high that they never see the people they love.

From there my project called “Impulsa Plus” was born, which seeks to give tools to people who have dreams. Practical tools that serve as guidance to grow, influence their attitude and see them achieve their results. People deserve a better quality of life, but many times we do not know where to start and that helping hand is a fundamental part of my entrepreneurship. Living this purpose brings self-realization to my life.

From a small country called Costa Rica, with humility and affection I tell you to dream and take action so as not to end up being dreamers.


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