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Sara Panova

Can you share with me your life-changing story/situation that was breaking point for you?

I find it difficult to write on this topic, but as soon as the time and order comes, here I start … for me, a kind of tragedy, a tragic event that has consequences for the rest of my life. My cousin, first cousin, soulmate, brother who contains the same blood, blood that flows through his veins as well as mine. I don’t know how to start saying what it’s all about … I don’t know how it happened … it jumped off a moving train, you just read, you know what the consequences might be. For someone to do such a thing, as we find out only from the Internet, after the news, it seems not very scary, because we all listen to hear, but not to try to understand. And to experience such a moment in your life, to be so close, whether you like it or not, you will understand it in every possible way, you will feel the pain and you will understand the meaning of life.

How did you manage to overcome/or solve this situation?

No matter how difficult, painful, and desperate it may be, as time goes on, the situation is far from over, but the consequences will always be on our minds and eyes. I tried to learn a life lesson … the most important thing in life, never, ever, we should never rush for things for which there are a bunch of ways to solve them, and even those that have a few, most importantly, enough is enough. to have, and for everything in life there is a way to change. The change happens at the moment when we will be ready and determined, eager and curious to start with changes, first a change with ourselves. It was difficult, but I decided to look at the situation from a positive perspective, after all, the best part of that situation is that he did not lose his life, but gained a lot of experience in how to live, not only him, but also us, our loved ones. ..

Would you do it in the same way or would you do something differently nowadays?

Wanting to save myself from what had happened to him, the nap and everything else, without thinking, I would absolutely not have made the decision on his part. Maybe at that moment my mind would be blocked, but knowing myself, although I am explosive, I am convinced that I would spend a lot of time thinking about all possible ways to get out of that situation, in order to get the best out of it.

What is the next challenge that you plan?

I want to challenge myself to new changes in life, I have an adventurous spirit, I love fantasies, I dream and I want every dream to come true, I want to enjoy the colorful, the colors of the rainbow … life is not always painted in pink, but, each of us can do our best to see every dark color, even pink!

What is your favorite motivational quote?

“Be the energy you want to attract!”


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