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Agustina Mesa

My name is Agustina Mesa, I am 20 years old and I am from Uruguay. In 2019 I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica to participate in the Cuspydal project. Personally, it was the first contact with a project of these characteristics but I must say that it was an incredible experience, enriching in every aspect, that I would repeat again and I encourage others to do so.

Based on the project we were working on, it made us think in a different way about our role as a citizen and made us think that it is possible to carry out actions that involve the population of my locality and that affect them in a positive way. Unfortunately, months after participating in the project, the pandemic began, which stopped the dissemination of our experience in the area. Even so, the memories of the lived experience persist and the desire to share the experience as well.

It only remains to thank for the experience provided and insist that many more are encouraged to projects like these, because they make us look at the world in a different way and we learn different things in a different way and with colleagues who enrich the experience.

May the desire to help and make a better world never end!

Agustina Piriz

My name is Agustina Piriz. I am 19 years old and I live in Uruguay.
In 2019 I participated in the Cuspydal project in Costa Rica, along with 4 more girls representing Uruguay.

Personally, it was a unique experience, the first time I left the country, and my first experience in this type of project, an incredible experience that I would repeat again and also encourage other young people to be part of it.

In this project we had the opportunity to meet young people from different countries where we also exchanged different experiences. It is a project that the pandemic will not greatly enhance our experience.

I thank Audele for having chosen me to be part of the Uruguayan delegation.

Julieta Sarantes


My name is Julieta Sarantes, Iā€™m 19 years old and I am from Uruguay. I am studying systems engineering. In 2019 I had one of the best experiences of my life, I went to Costa Rica to participate in the Cuspydal projet. I did not know anything about this project but I was fascinated. I would like more people to know about this and also be able to repeat it. Based on the project we were able to see the different points of view of different people on the problems of our city and the role we have in it. It was very enriching and I learned a lot of new things. A few months later, the pandemic began and makes us wonder about many things, we had to stop for an indeterminate time which seemed to never end. We should always enjoy when we can and not let anything prevent us from achieving our dreams.

Thanks to AUDELE I was able to fulfill my dream.

May your dreams be bigger than your fears!


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