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I was really happy when have been chosen to represent my country. As the representative of NGO Next Generation – North Macedonia, I attended the project of „Empowered to Lead“, held in San Jose, Costa Rica, the amazing capital with stunning lifestyle and life motto “Pura Vida” for any occasion. The place was lovely and the people were eager to learn and they were so intelligent. A mix of lots of people, with different backgrounds and interesting personalities, enjoyed my time with them (working and having fun). The topic of leadership, in general, is so powerful and important nowadays. Through the sessions, I have been able to enjoy developing skills and gaining new knowledge. This project has given so much to me. Experience, a new vision in life and it made me realize how lucky are the young people in Costa Rica. I can bring so many memories back home. I want to thank the program of Erasmus+ for the opportunities and letting me meet new people and traveling to a country I haven’t been to. It was indeed an unforgettable experience.


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