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7 days, it was just enough to discover and fall in love with Costa Rica, especially San Jose. During the exchange period, we had the opportunity to discuss leadership in various areas such as volunteering, environment, sports and community. We also had discussions about of the characteristics of a good leader and development of his leadership skills. Through the project proposal, related to leadership in addition to volunteering, the Brazilian team as well as all others had to identify problems in their city, whether in any sphere - environment, inequality, prejudice, etc. - after the identification phase was completed, it was required the team to choose one of the problems identified and to present effective and tangible action plans to solve it. So each participant had the task of presenting their action plan in less than a minute and trying to convince investors to apply money to their project. About the interpersonal experience gained, they exceeded expectations and improved the ways of communication already known, bringing us new friends and new cultures that make us understand the world plurality beyond the needs of each other, an example of cultural exchange happened during the Intercultural night, a great experience to discover about the other participating countries and to represent Brazil through typical foods, drinks, traditions, songs and videos. At the end of the enriching experience, the return to Brazil shows a longing for new friends and a new citizen who can act in community.


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