CUstomized SuPport to Youth Development of Active Leadership is a project based on cooperation between Europe (Slovakia https://www.adelslovakia.org/wp-content/plugins/azurecurve-flags/images/sk.png?x59855, Italy https://www.adelslovakia.org/wp-content/plugins/azurecurve-flags/images/it.png?x59855, North Macedonia https://www.adelslovakia.org/wp-content/plugins/azurecurve-flags/images/mk.png?x59855) and Latin America (Brazil https://www.adelslovakia.org/wp-content/plugins/azurecurve-flags/images/br.png?x59855, Costa Rica https://www.adelslovakia.org/wp-content/plugins/azurecurve-flags/images/cr.png?x59855, Uruguay https://www.adelslovakia.org/wp-content/plugins/azurecurve-flags/images/uy.png?x59855)

CUSPYDAL project aims to enhance social inclusion of disadvantaged young people (affected by unemployment, from rural or less developed areas); to contribute to their personal and professional development, enhance their soft and life skills, employability and entrepreneurship and to support their active participation in the local communities.

There are various educational and research activities planned during the project:


  1. kick-off meeting in Slovakia,
  2. research on NGO best practices in Europe and Central America related to the development of leadership for active engagement and social inclusion of disadvantaged youths,
  3. training in Sardenia, Italy about fostering youth operators’ competences in the upskilling and development of the leadership potential of disadvantaged youngsters,
  4. youth exchange in Costa Rica involving disadvantaged youths to transmit soft and transversal skills for personal fulfilment (flexibility, cooperation, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, goal-oriented thinking) and foster leadership potential for an increased involvement in their own communities. Participants will produce an activity plan for a socially-oriented initiative focused on tackling issue rooted in their own communities. The best ideas will be supported through counselling, promotion and activation of crowd-funding mechanisms,
  5. job-shadowings (Slovakia – Uruguay and back),
  6. local conferences focused on introducing stakeholders the project results as well as to the activity plans developed by YE participants,
  7. mid-term meeting in Uruguay,
  8. development of web platform with e-learning modules for youth and youth workers,
  9. final evaluation meeting in Brazil.

Project is co-financed by the European Union, Erasmus+ Programme 


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