Uruguayan Team

Uruguayan team had an amazing time over Costa Rica! Not only because we had the chance to improve our communication skills some how, and got to meet beautiful and interesting people, but because we had the chance to push ourselves out of our “safe zone” and tackle many barriers (language, self confidence, culture differences). For some participants, of our group, it was the first time going out the country, we are thankful that their experience was pleasant and a motivation to keep on looking for future projects to be part of and to continue to grow up and make our communities improve. Thanks again for the joyful time we shared ♥️

Brazilian Team

7 days, it was just enough to discover and fall in love with Costa Rica, especially San Jose. During the exchange period, we had the opportunity to discuss leadership in various areas such as volunteering, environment, sports and community. We also had discussions about of the characteristics of a good leader and development of his leadership skills. Through the project proposal, related to leadership in addition to volunteering, the Brazilian team as well as all others had to identify problems in their city, whether in any sphere - environment, inequality, prejudice, etc. - after the identification phase was completed, it was required the team to choose one of the problems identified and to present effective and tangible action plans to solve it. So each participant had the task of presenting their action plan in less than a minute and trying to convince investors to apply money to their project. About the interpersonal experience gained, they exceeded expectations and improved the ways of communication already known, bringing us new friends and new cultures that make us understand the world plurality beyond the needs of each other, an example of cultural exchange happened during the Intercultural night, a great experience to discover about the other participating countries and to represent Brazil through typical foods, drinks, traditions, songs and videos. At the end of the enriching experience, the return to Brazil shows a longing for new friends and a new citizen who can act in community.

Goran Nikolov

I was really happy when have been chosen to represent my country. As the representative of NGO Next Generation – North Macedonia, I attended the project of „Empowered to Lead“, held in San Jose, Costa Rica, the amazing capital with stunning lifestyle and life motto “Pura Vida” for any occasion. The place was lovely and the people were eager to learn and they were so intelligent. A mix of lots of people, with different backgrounds and interesting personalities, enjoyed my time with them (working and having fun). The topic of leadership, in general, is so powerful and important nowadays. Through the sessions, I have been able to enjoy developing skills and gaining new knowledge. This project has given so much to me. Experience, a new vision in life and it made me realize how lucky are the young people in Costa Rica. I can bring so many memories back home. I want to thank the program of Erasmus+ for the opportunities and letting me meet new people and traveling to a country I haven’t been to. It was indeed an unforgettable experience.

Sofija Petrovska

This is not my first youth exchange but it is safe to say that this one of my favorites. It was an unique learning experience and a great opportunity for me to learn a lot about leadership, travel to Latin America and to meet new people from different sides of the world. In my opinion, the diversity was the sparkle that made this exchange special, unforgettable. Each day, was different from the previous one, each day was better. The sessions were really productive and interactive, we were learning while having a fun. Also, a big attention was pointed on the cultural aspect, so we had an opportunity to share our, but also to learn about the other cultures, try typical Costa Rican food and explore a little bit the country. I learned a lot facts about Costa Rica that I never knew before: that it is the happiest country in the world, about ,,Pura Vida”, that it is the biggest exporter of bananas etc.  I felt like I left a part of my heart there, next to the ocean but I left Costa Rica with an amazing memories that we created with even more amazing people, and super motivated to work on the realization of my action plan. I didn’t said ,,goodbye” to the people and to the country, just ,,see you soon” .

Marija Ilievska

First of all, I want to say that I am really thankful for this opportunity to participate in this project. From every chance we can learn something, find new things interesting. And this was project where I learnt a lot about the topic, specifically about leadership and leadership skills, met cultures that were different from our and met new people that i made lifetime friendships with. I found this project very helpful for gaining new experiences and learning things that will be useful in future time. Also, this project made me thinking about my opportunities, about the community where I live and the things that botter me and I could change. I will countinue working on myself and try to fix some of that problems.

Lukáš Kekelák

...and now outside the official Tetstimonial I want to say once again that I had a really great time. And honestly I was most shocked with a very good Slovak team. I usually spend more time with foreigners than with our people on exchanges or any trips, but this selection from Slovakia was exclusive, very fun and honest. I am so very grateful for pleasant and very friendly team across Slovakia.

Jakub Šak

I evaluates the project "Empowered to Lead" very positively. I'm glad I was able to meet new people, cultures and country. In addition to meeting new people from different parts of the world, I was also able to get to know the various ways of thinking when dealing with different issues. The program and management of the course was great. Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in this unique project in a beautiful environment and with such perfect people. I believe that I will be able to participate in a similar project in the future. I definitely recommend all future participants to participate in projects led by ADEL Slovakia.

Martina Krajčovičová

Youth exchange in San José was a very good experience for me. Not only I met interesting people through the exchange, but I also made new friends from different parts of the world. We exchanged ideas and thoughts on how to solve many problems in our communities and creatively searched for solutions to create a better world around us. The exchange was very well organized and program was interesting. I am very happy to be part of the CUSPYDAL team and I hope to be able to take part in similar projects in the future.


In the seminar I was able to learn new things, I acquired many experiences, I met a new world that had not had the opportunity before ... I went to this seminar with thousands of expectations and each one of them was fulfilled, maybe some more than others, but everything was more than good, I could learn about topics that I didn't question before and practice my English much more. I was with wonderful people, with whom I became very fond of and the moment of the farewell was very strong, with the people I had more attachment was with the Brazilians, our customs were very similar, they were lovely people who would fascinate me to know thousands of times more if I had the opportunity. I recommend this type of exchange because thanks to him, as I said before, I met different customs, languages, people, an experience that a normal trip can not give me. Perhaps something to change would be very long sessions, there were days that were very tiring and some colleagues were not punctual, delaying activities, but others all good. What I liked most about all things was to learn more from each other, even from my companions who accompanied me in the seminar, but also from those I did not know, put myself in the place of the other, help him if I needed, were moments that I did not know They forget and remain forever. “That's what it's about, to match people who make you see things that you don't see. Let them teach you to look with different eyes. ”


The exchange in Costa Rica was a good opportunity to get in touch with cultures and people I’ve never met before. It was surprising to see closer the difference in opportunities between European countries and South American ones. European exchanges are great opportunities to share thoughts and get experiences, this exchange has been what it was expected to be.


This project was useful to compare the different ideas of the participants. new skills have been explained that I will put into practice in my life. knowing new people allowed me to "open my mind" for new experiences.


The experience in Costa Rica it has been useful to interact with cultures completely different than mine, there I've improved my skills in English language, how to do a speech in public and I've shared pretty ideas and moments with amazing people.


The Youth Exchange ‘Empower to Lead’ was an amazing experience to me. I have learnt a lot of practical things about leadership and I have broadened my horizons. I am very happy about having met participants from various countries and having learnt about their cultures. Last but not least, discovering Costa Rica’s beauty in the free time has been an unforgettable experience to me. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this project given to me.


The Youth Exchange “Empower to Lead” has been an interesting experience. I enjoyed the exchange of perspectives about being a leader. I was especially impressed by all the great ideas that we managed to develop in such a short amount of time and the commitment demonstrated by all the participants. I am really glad that I got to participate in this Youth Exchange and that I had the chance to lead some sessions for the amazing potential Leaders that emerged during this week.


It was really amazing to take part of this project in Sassari. A valuable opportunity to learn more and make network. I would like to say thank you to all of the participants for being so friendly and also to Erasmus+ for this opportunity. Thank you Aga Hydzik for your kindness and patience waiting for me at the hospitals. Thank you facilitators! All my gratitude for you all.


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